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Join Eduauraa to watch the video lectures, learn concepts through ebooks, solve test papers to analyze the concept knowledge.

Eduauraa hosts features such as:

  • Team of teachers from India's top schools who are responsible for the quality check of the content created, and a team of visualizers who ensure the product is alluring to the eye of students.
  • An easy-to-use UI/UX and in-app features like never before such as Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient to analyze a student's progress, Eduauraa Assistant for easy study scheduling, a virtual classroom so peers can study together.

Entertainment and Education together at Eduauraa

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Pillars of Eduauraa

Eduauraa Pillar - Honour
Eduauraa Pillar - Discipline
Eduauraa Pillar - Respect
Eduauraa Pillar - Responsibilty
Eduauraa Pillar - Happiness
Eduauraa Pillar - Trust

Learning Programs

6 - 10


  • Interactive video lectures, ebooks, test papers designed by India's best teachers.
  • Adaptive test to enhance the performance of every student.
  • Mapped syllabus as per 9 different boards, 4 subjects we provide i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology in English and Hindi medium.
11 - 12


  • Interactive video lectures, ebooks, test papers designed by India’s proficient teachers.
  • Motion graphics have been used to help students understand concepts the more easily.
  • Swift techniques used, to solve the questions in the given time frame.
  • Mapped syllabus as per 9 different boards, 8 different subjects in English and Hindi medium.

JEE / NEET / IAS / IPS / Banking / Railway / CA / CS / CAT

  • Interactive video lectures, ebooks, test papers designed by India's academic professionals.
  • Eduauraa's assistant feature will help you plan the timetable as per the student's convenience.
  • Different parameters have been used to view progress and performance.
  • Mentor assistance features will help students plan the study sessions.


  • Interactive video lectures, ebooks, test papers designed by India's finest language experts.
  • Students can master the rules of English Grammar.
  • Learn correct pronunciations and construct correct sentences.
  • Helps to gain confidence in society.

Life at Eduauraa

We are a team of enthusiastic achievers who aim to bring our customers the best products. We are restless when we are aiming to achieve targets and that’s what makes our team so distinct. Because we believe that here at Eduauraa we don’t just work but follow our dreams. Our driving force is our passion and our knowledge is our experience. Eduauraa helps to bring innovative ideas to the spotlight and annihilates any chance of inconvenience to the team. We believe in working with calm and relaxed minds. Our team’s strength is our unity and diverse ideology that keeps improving with every performance.

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