Discover your learning style

Understanding different ways that people learn best.

Scientists and psychologists have developed a number of different models to understand the different ways that people learn best. One popular theory, the VARK model, identifies four primary types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Each learning type responds best to a different method of teaching.

Luckily with Eduauraa you now have the tools to utilize your learning style to your advantage. Take the test below to find your learning type and we will create a custom learning journey for you.


Visual Learner

Learn by seeing

Learns best when information is processed using graphs and charts.
Needs images to understand concepts and ideas

Auditory Learner

Learn by hearing

Learns best when information is spoken.
Processes information by talking and discussing.

Read/Write Learner

Learn through words

Learns best when information is received in written words.
Enjoys writing notes.

Kinesthetic Learner

Learn by moving

Learns best through tactile processes.
Prefers to create concrete learning experiences & practical activities.

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