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Best Learning app in India | Eduauraa

Which is the best learning app in India?

The world is making spectacular progress in this Generation Z. Everything is going digital from shopping to gaming to watching series and Education. The increasing use of mobile apps has become a vital part of everyone’s life. E-learning is one of them and is now taking over the traditional way of learning by changing the way a student studies.

This pandemic has shown us how digital learning became the companion of every student and teacher worldwide. 

An online learning app has opened the door to a modern and convenient way of learning. 

Do you as a parent looking for your child’s academic progress in a more modern and convenient way? Do you want your child to start enjoying chapters that they found boring? 

Well, we have a solution! 

Online learning app

Now, what exactly is a learning app?

The online learning app provides a service for academic learning for your child. It encourages your child to study through virtual learning by aiding in more self-learning.

In this blog, we will be talking about the best learning app in India.

Wouldn’t it be amazing when you don’t have to scold your child to sit and study?


Why are parents choosing online learning apps?

These apps had made learning possible through just a small single device, which is accessible anywhere. These apps have lessened the burden of heavy books by replacing them with e-books 

The advent of technology has transformed the educational industry. Learning is something that has no end and in this Gen Z, the biggest blessing we have is getting information, and thus education and learning are at our fingertips anytime and anywhere.

Not only this, learning apps have lessened the burden of heavy books, by replacing them with digital books and pdfs. It encompasses the features like personalized learning, convenience, accessibility, and being easily understandable. Now it is not a compulsion to go to the library and school to access information because the experts in the field are just a few taps away.

Here are the top 6 reasons parents are choosing the best educational apps

1. No more stressing about your child not sitting to study:

  • Learning apps has made the chapters easy to understand.
  • Wasn’t it fun learning in class when you have the best teacher who made the concept easy to understand. You wouldn’t miss one right! 
  • All because you understood the concept and it became your favorite subject.
  • These learning apps have made learning easy and engaging through virtual videos and animations. 
  • They show them behind the scenes of every concept i.e. why and how it is happening to make the learning process easier. 
  • When your child understands the concept, it engages them and makes them sit with their learning for a longer duration.
  • They meditate with the concept and solve the assessment given which increases the engagement.

2. Learning Anytime and anywhere:

  • With these learning apps, access to education has been made easy through 24/7 availability. If you are sick, or you are attending some function, Now there’s no worry about being absent from school.
  • E-learning apps have got your back. With video lectures you can watch your lectures at night or day, there’s no compulsion of being present in 45 mins class. Your education is at your comfort.

3. No more subject hating:

Just like all the fingers are not the same, every person is not the same.

Online learning apps know every individual student has their strengths and weaknesses. For some Mathematics is a piece of cake and for some, it’s a nightmare. It gives you a personalized experience where you can pay more attention to the troublesome subject.

4. Learning at your pace:

In offline class, you don’t have the option to rewind and rewatch the part that you didn’t understand. Online apps give you the advantage of watching the same lectures as many times you want.  

We all used to hesitate in asking our teacher the same question over and over again, isn't it?

In offline learning, you have restrictions in attending 45 minutes lectures only once. Here you can rewatch the lectures, pause, rewind, and fast forward the lectures according to your needs.

5. Gives you time for leisure activities:

Online learning apps save time for things that refresh you. Offline learning requires traveling like going to school and tuition. 

Learn, learn and learn wouldn’t make you achieve your goal. You need to relax to increase your efficiency. Online learning apps will make time for hobbies you love.

6. Learn with the experts:

Online learning apps have teachers who are experienced and experts in their respective subjects. It’s not like offline learning where you are restricted to teachers in your town. 

Expert learning is now at our fingertips through Eduaurra.

What makes Eduauraa India’s best learning app?

It isn’t like you can choose any online learning app randomly. It’s important to see what features does the app provides.

Here are the top 7 features of India’s best learning app:

1. Managed content and way of delivering:

Just providing content isn’t enough if it isn’t making sense to learners. With unmanaged content, it’s hard for a student to grasp the concept. So India’s best learning app should be creative enough to engage the students with different engaging modes that deliver education.

It must be having HD, animated videos, assessments, podcasts, etc.

Our attention span is decreasing, recent studies show that we lose concentration after eight seconds. Considering this point India’s best learning app must be having bite-sized lessons that are easily digestible.

2. Tests, and self-assessment:

This is an important part when you are looking for India's best learning app. With quizzes, leaderboards, and timed tests, your student can recognize their weakness and strengths in their particular subjects. 

3. Push Notifications:

Push notifications act as a reminder. It should be personalized and should be sent to the learner when they accomplished a specific point in their e-learning. 

Notifications are shown 

  • When a student finishes doing the To-Do list of the day;
  • When a student completes a chapter;
  • When a student hadn’t used the app for more than five days;
  • When new courses are added;
  • When students have forgotten to complete chapters or exercises;
  • Sending educational quotes as motivation;
  • Sending congratulations for accomplishing certain tasks.

4. Communication or in application Chat feature:

Users need to interact for the overall learning process. They need to share ideas and communicate through various learning activities. Considering this point it’s important to have a messaging feature allowing learners to interact which is one of the essential parts of learning.

5. Live class experience:

Through live interactions with video lessons, students can learn more effectively. In-app chats and live classes help in experiencing real-time learning. It makes learning more interesting. 

6 .User-based experience:

The more simple the better. Providing easy login and easy to use app will make users stick to the app. It should be considered that if a user forgets the password getting back to the account shouldn’t be a hustle. Making the app easy to use will make parents satisfied by seeing their child’s progress in the app easily.

7. Reliable payment gateways:

It’s important to have a convenient payment channel. Providing a reliable payment gateway is essential because finance is sensitive. Ensuring users feel safe while transactions make users trust the apps.

All the above-mentioned features make Eduauraa India’s best learning app.


Learning apps are changing the way we learn. Providing expert teachers, mobility, to personalized experience online learning apps are taking over the offline ways of learning. Choosing the best apps can be a tough task and thus we have made it easy for you by discussing India’s Best learning app. 

Tell us in the comments what makes you as a parent excited about online learning!




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