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How to Crack NEET?

If you are preparing for NEET, you must have acknowledged it is pretty challenging to crack at one go. This methodology will help the candidates with a clear image of their timetable in the upcoming months and help to understand how to crack NEET 2021 in the first attempt. 

How to crack NEET in the very first attempt?

Divide your time

Candidates should partition their time so that a sufficient measure of time is given to every meeting while at the same time setting up a technique of how to break NEET-UG in the first attempt. Focus on the significant points and study them in detail. Try to take little breaks when reading for extended periods. 

• Get a schedule and a diary

• Set your goals 

• Take care of your healthcare

• Don't rest during study time 

• Get enough rest 

Set deadlines

Set a deadline to complete any topic, and the entire syllabus will be beneficial if you have a very short time for the first session of NEET. At one go, you must not set high goals, rather focus on small goals. Short goals facilitate to ease the burden of heavy syllabus and let the students achieve long-term goals in the future.

Study Material

Collect the appropriate investigation material to plan for NEET 2021. The NEET NCERT course readings for Class 11 and 12 are suggested as the best books for NEET. 


Suppose the aspirant has an issue in holding the ideas. Make a note of the multitude of questions going ahead of the way and take help from the aides and books. Try to give short exams every day to evaluate your knowledge and skills and work on the weaker points.

Solve earlier year papers

Make sure you have practiced the previous year’s question paper. It will help you to understand the question pattern and give you the potential to solve the paper on time. If you have done any mistakes study the same question at least two times.

Revise mistakenly attempted question

After each fake test, make a list of wrong answers and start working on these answers. Ensure that there are no common missteps. This will expand the applicants' capability in NEET. 

• While preparing, make a point to put concentration on your weakness. 

• Revise the equations and their inductions 

• Go through significant responses, conditions, and systems 

 Practice Mock Tests 

All of the applicants who are showing up in the NEET Exam need to complete 180 questions in around 180 minutes. Time management is going to play a crucial role to solve the entire paper and then revising it. Keep in mind as a period breaking point and practice test papers consistently to keep up the board.