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How to Increase Speed to Solving Paper for Physics for NEET 2021?

How to Increase Speed to Solving Paper for Physics for NEET

Every year, thousands of students find it challenging to increase their speed in solving complex subjects like Mathematics and Physics in the NEET exam.

Physics confuses the students because of its hacks and tricks.

The content provides the students with some helpful tips on how to increase the speed in solving the NEET Physics and Maths questions. 

Students generally try to escape away from subjects like Maths and Physics in their high school studies.

Mathematics is all about numbers, signs, and formulas, whereas Physics deals with definitions, explanations and experiments.

If the concept of Physics is not clear to the students, they will find the subject to be extremely difficult.

Firstly, you need to concentrate more on the studies during your preparation phase to understand the concepts in depth. 


Some techniques to follow during the Preparation: 

a. Create an effective study routine and invest your time on every topic based on the need.

Some students spend most of the day after their preparation, and some students do not spend enough time in their studies.

Both ways are wrong.

You need to divide the time and invest your time wisely in the chapters.

b. It would help if you create a competitive mindset before the exam.

c. Jot down all the necessary details like rules, formulas, definitions, complex theories in a copy, and revise those points frequently.

d. Read the NCERT solution books to get a better understanding.

e. Solve sample papers and the last few years' question papers to increase your speed and boost up your confidence for the examination.

You will get a clear view of the exam pattern beforehand. 


Tips to follow to solve the papers fast in the NEET Physics Examination

Some tricks are mentioned below to boost your solving speed in the examination hall.

a. Your idea about the concepts of each chapter must be clear. It will help you during the exam to identify the chapters to which the questions belong to and answer the questions easily and quickly with good confidence. 

b. Firstly, go through the question papers thoroughly to understand the type of questions.

You will get the idea of which questions need to be solved first and which to leave for later, for example you can leave the calculative questions for later as these questions are time-consuming.

c. Focus on the sections that carry most of the marks. You need to practise really hard to avoid making silly mistakes.

d. Learn the easier ways of calculation, which will help you in the examination to save time.

In the exam hall, first, decide which questions you find easy and which you don't.

You should solve the known ones first and then move to the comparatively complex questions.

e. Read the NCERT books and solve previous years' questions. The more you practise, the more speed you gain in solving the papers. 


To conclude, 

Some Tips and tricks have been discussed in the content to enhance your solving speed in the NEET Physics examination. Hopefully, these tips will help you during the examination.