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Teacher Excellence Award 2021 - Eduauraa Award

Teacher Excellence Award

Teachers are the foundation for any student.

They are the parents that help us grow and learn, who create a home for us in our educational institutes.

With their selfless hard work and unconditional love for their students, teachers help lay the stepping stones towards the difficult road to our future. It is important and crucial to show gratitude towards our teachers to remind them of the love we hold from them.

Eduauraa believes in the value of reaching out to these excellent teachers of ours and awarding them for all the work they do for us. We strongly uphold the value that our teachers have almost been like the leaders of our educational journey, holding that torch of enlightenment along with them.
The Teacher’s excellence award is here to encourage teachers all across India to continue their journeys in educating the youth. Have a chance win certification and assured gifts worth ₹ 2000. The top teachers will even get the opportunity to win a Macbook Pro.
To enter the contest, read the simple steps listed below:

1. Download the Eduauraa app using the following links: 
 Android |  IOS 

2. After downloading the app, take your time to fill the form in the given link:

Submit the Form

3. Fill up all the details required, such as name,address, contact details etc.

4. Fill in your qualifications and achievements so we can congratulate all your amazing work.

5. Please ensure you fill the entire form as the form is only applicable if it is filled entirely.

6. The eligibility criteria that the teacher should be an Education Teacher only. 

So don’t waste any longer! Register your teachers, register yourself if you are a teacher and get the word out. This is the time we congratulate our gurus on the auspicious 5th September. Hurry, limited time only!