Spoken English

Boost your confidence by learning to speak fluent English with our learner-friendly customized Spoken English courses aided with ebooks, enriched 2D / 3D animated content, adaptive tests, brain-teasing quizzes, mentors for doubt solving, and performance monitoring reports.

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Beginner Level

Every successful journey starts with a great beginning. That is exactly the motive of Spoken English - Beginner Level to give your journey of learning English a perfect kick-start.

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Intermediate Level

Any beginning without an attempt to improve is incomplete. What is the most important thing other than starting your journey? It is to upgrade your basic skills. With Spoken English - Intermediate Level, you will enhance your vocabulary and grammar.

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Advanced Level

There is no point in playing a game without aiming to win. With our Spoken English - Advanced Level, you will learn to speak English that will boost your confidence, so that you will win every conversation with an excellent vocabulary and grammatical skills.

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What we offer

visual learning
Visual & Listening

Spoken English Courses to sharpen your Visual and Listening skills


Spoken English Courses to converse correctly


Spoken English Courses perfect your Grammar skills


Spoken English Courses to improve your Vocabulary


Spoken English Courses to learn and enhance your Literature skills

Creative Writing

Spoken English Courses to improvise your Creative Writing skills